From the Ambassador

The Ambassador is responsible for leading and coordinating Pre-Pharmacy Day. In this section, I (Rachel Roehl) will provide a comprehensive view of the day’s activities from my own perspective. 

Pre-Pharmacy Day is truly a one of a kind event! The Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCI
board and School of Biological Sciences co-host it, working hard to put forth a memorable experience to UCI every year.

This event is ideal for you if you are dedicated to or even just interested in learning
more about the path to pursue a Pharm. D. in the future. With this being said, it is strongly recommended that you register as soon as possible because spots are limited and they will fill up quickly!

Without further ado, here is my personal breakdown of Pre-Pharmacy Day for those of
you who have never attended.


The workshops that take place during Pre-Pharmacy Day are sometimes undervalued.
Most people are drawn to and jump at the chance to attend Pre-Pharmacy Day for the
chance to meet representatives from schools they are interested in, however the
information provided through workshops is a trove of opportunity alone! These attending representatives are VASTLY knowledgeable about their respective school, and strive for the best for their potential students in every way.

As a result, representatives host insightful hour-long workshops spanning the majority of
the day. In the past, workshops have covered topics such as The PharmCas
Application, Taking a Gap Year, and The Admissions Process (from the perspective of
the school). My personal favorite workshop was most definitely the School Panel, where
representatives sit at a table and answer questions about a number of topics, including
(but not limited to): new changes occurring at their school, what they look for in a
student, and the uniqueness of their PharmD program.

Sometimes it’s easy to get engulfed in data about a school’s average GPA’s or PCAT scores online, but it’s another thing entirely to hear in-person what the school’s representative believes makes a competitive applicant. No matter the topic, these workshops provide unique insight on what it takes to be the best possible applicant and how you can put your spin on achieving that!

Student & Representative Lunch Social

Did you have a question that didn’t feel right asking during a workshop? Maybe you just
want to hear more about the application process from those who know it best. In any
case, we’ve got you covered with the Lunch Social!

Lunch Social is a time where both students and representatives casually mingle while
enjoying lunch. This year, the Lunch Social will take place during the middle of the day
before the Pharm. D. Program Tabling Exhibit and is the perfect chance to network and
bond with representatives and other students. Pharmacy is a small community, so the
more friendships and connections you can from within it, the better. As I mentioned
earlier this an ideal time to pick representative’s brains if you didn’t already have the
chance! Always remember as well that they are here to help you and answer your
questions – you just have to ask.

I know that I received important information last year talking to the representatives! I
think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how discussion of pharmacy and admissions can
sometimes seamlessly transition into talking about life and personal aspirations and

Pharm. D. Program Tabling Exhibition

Would you jump at the chance to attend an event designed to provide you with the
chance to meet and network with nearly two dozen representatives from 20 of the best
pharmacy schools across the nation?

It might sound impossible, but this is the goal of the Pharm. D. Program Tabling Exhibit
during Pre-Pre-Pharmacy Day. Each attending pharmacy school has a booth managed
by their representative(s). During this time, you are completely free to walk around and
visit any booth you want, and ask any questions you may have. Typically, each booth
has a flyer that details the intricacies of their particular pharmacy program, so make
sure to get one from every school!

My advice would be to visit every booth, talk to every single representative, and inquire
about every school. I have a ton of friends who have been completely won over by
talking to representatives from schools that they never pictured themselves going to.

There’s a great chance that you’ll find yourself in the same situation if you take the time
to explore what each and every school has to offer!


I attended Pre-Pharmacy Day last year not knowing what to expect or how the event
would directly help me in my pharmacy journey, but I remember walking home that night feeling elated and thankful for the opportunity I was presented during the day. The
experiences I had during the day shaped my outlook and perspective on pharmacy as a
lifestyle for myself and helped me determine that the field was exactly what I wanted to
flood my energy and devotion into. I sincerely hope you choose to attend this year’s
Pre-Pharmacy Day, and that this event ignites in you an undying passion to be yourself
while grasping if pharmacy is right for you just as it did for me!

If you still have any questions regarding Pre-Pharmacy Day, please don’t hesitate to ask
by contacting us. We will be more than happy to answer them!

Rachel Roehl | Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCI Ambassador | 2018-2019